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The desire to emulate or live their neighbor's life, has seduced people into swimming vast oceans, walk barren lands and climb unending mountains! Yet, at the end of every excruciating journey, the only truth that has dawned upon mankind is - that his neighbour's life is as boring as his own!! Therefore, the essence of happines lies not in pursuing what others have, but in cherishing what one possesses..

Nikki is a middle-class Punjabi housewife. She is married to Purushottam, an extremely talented but unsuccessful writer, stuck in an under-paid job. Purushottam believes in 'Simple living and high thinking'. His strong sense of values does not allow him to write cheap, mediocre stuff like his more successful friend - Vinod - who has many bestsellers to his credit.

Nikki loves her husband dearly and has complete faith
in his talent, but yearns for the luxuries of life, like a car, lavish house, and a big bank balance etc. Purushottam's meager income is not able to provide her with all this. She is extremely jealous of other people's success and nags Purushottam to try harder to earn more, but to no avail. Finally, after years of fretting and frustration, Nikki concludes that her husband just doesn't want more than he has - he has NO AMBITION!

Purushottam finally finishes the labour of his love, his novel titled 'Ek Thehri Si Zindagi'. He has been working on it for years, as he is a perfectionist. But Nikki is in no mood to celebrate with her husband especially because she realizes that the HIGH ART he is doling out, might turn out to be a complete failure! She tells him to copy his friend Manu's model of success. Purushottam is very hurt. The argument turns into a big fight as Nikki tries to get Purushottam to confront the fact that he is unambitious and complacent in life. Over the next few days, the repeated nagging, numerous fights and complete disharmony at home leave Purushottam very upset. He leaves the house threatening never to return.

An angry Purushottam reaches his office to re-negotiate his salary and ask for a raise, but his boss refuses. Purushottam is taken aback, as he has been sincere and extremely hard working. He quits the job and leaves in a huff.

A jobless and homeless Purushottam - the man with the most quiet, unadventurous life - finds himself unemployed and in soup. Finally, he lands up in a local Don Kuku's Gambling House. He gets completely drunk and wins a lot of money in gambling. Rubina, a sex worker spots him and lures him to a friend's place. Over the next few days, a sweet tender relationship develops between Rubina and Purushottam.

The sequence of events that follow, makes a hilarious comedy of errors..

Purushottam gets kidnapped and in the meantime, Rubina rewrites his novel incorporating a lot of masala in it to make it more appealing to the masses. She even gets the novel published, which is now titled 'Ek Tharki Si Zindagi' !!!

The novel is a huge success..

When Purushottam manages to flee from his kidnappers, he realizes that he is the author of a bestseller he never wrote! His wife, Nikki is ecstatic at his success. A celebratory party is thrown in his honour. But Purushottam is not happy, as compromising with his values was not his idea of making money. He refuses to take credit for the novel which, he discloses, is written by Rubina. He turns his back on this success and goes back old life.

Does Purushottam accept his materialistic wife back into his life?
Or does he decide to start a new life with Rubina, who selflessly rewrote his novel, just to see him successful?

A breezy, fast moving domestic comedy about an ambitious wife and a contented husband and the love that binds them together. Keeping up with the Joneses - our national hobby, brought to you with all it's quirks and pitfalls!